Breeding goals
I established my breeding program by carefully choosing the top producers both from my own lines and from the leading USA kennels. Studying each dog's lines, I became selective on the mating routes to get the best offspring, oftentimes intertwining European blood with American. By selecting the best representatives of the breed from several European countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Denmark, and Portugal and breeding with dogs from famous American kennels, the outcome results in a mixture of numerous very strong pedigrees that have World Champions within.

In my opinion, you can find the most beautiful toy poodles in Europe. In the FCI system, the toys are allowed to be slightly taller and are able to interbreed with very small miniatures for the purpose of obtaining toys that are in greater anatomical/proportional structure and beautiful movement. The heads of European toy poodles maintain the correct form according to the breed type and thereof reveal a beautiful expression. European breeders also pay a lot of attention not only to the bite but to the presence of all of the teeth, allowing to maintain better dental hygiene and genes of such which can correlate with better head structure and the dogs overall improved health. Due to the European type having more robust toys, the healthy joints of the dog gives it the advantage of not getting injured as easily. Also one of the main points is the great personality and intelligence that makes a small dog to be the greatest companion and provides the ability to create new contacts and journey in an easy way for both parties.

As for the American type, I like the temperament, the top line of their back and the tail set of the dogs. American breeders effort of time and knowledge to maintain the smaller size with correct body structure was done to meet the toy breed size with its name. By combining the best qualities of each type into one dog, I could get a perfect poodle with great health and anatomical correctness, lively temperament, and the ideal height. After 9 years, I can say that my journey is successful.
Champions worldwide
  • He walks like a champion I’ve never seen a dog walk as if he is the ruler of the universe I want to walk him everywhere in show him off and have a big sign on my back saying I am the owner of the greatest Poodle in the world
    Cheryl and Black Gold Aramis
  • Hi Olena. Thank you so much for the sweet message. Phoebe is such a
    light in our lives. We all love her so very much. She is such a happy, cuddly love! I cant believe she is 1yr old. You are the best! I have to confess. I thought her DOB was 8/23. Lol
    Wendy and Black Gold Cinnamon
  • He reminds me of a show dog when he walks on the leash, he walks on my side, if I stop then he stops, if I walk faster then he walks faster I am fortunate to have him Thank you so much He is so sweet and so easy to love! Everyone who has met him really likes him!! He is so sweet, a miracle that I found you and him, thank you for putting up with all my questions
    Susan Dempsey
  • Omg yes! I was thinking about you this morning, wondering if you sold all your pups and I wanted to send you a couple pics. I am IN LOVE! she is the BEST! I dint know how I lived with out her hahah
    Noele Heath
  • Hello Diesel is doing fantastic. We just got back from vacation. His aunties. uncles and cousins spoiled him. He is just the best behaved puppy ever. Here is a picture of him at the ocean on the Washington coast. He is quite the hiker too. He really likes the out doors ! He is fitting in just perfect with our family. Diesel had his vet check and second set of shots yesterday. He was a perfect gentleman. Everyone in the office complimented him. Even the vet added extra notes to his chart on what a well socialized puppy and such a nice temperament. She says he was a real pick. Everything perfect, teeth, eyes, even has 2 balls c). He stood so calm while they examined him, didn't even wiggle or whine during his shots. Hestands so proud. He definitely won all the hearts at the clinic. He is doing very well. Potty training is going better than expected. He is sleeping through the night. Our friend brought his dog over for a visit so Diesel got some doggie interaction too. Keeping him well brushed, his appetite is healthy, carrots, celery, lamb, today is going
    to be hot so going to try cucumber. He is the perfect puppy Diesel is such a joy. He loves to run, everything is a toy. He is so friendly with everyone.
    Kay Miller
  • Maya ribka getting ready for haircut last week. He is so special. So loving and gentle. Exactly what I needed for my mom. She calls him sinok and tells me if he does something bad she says he’s my brother.