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Ocharovanie Doma Romanovyh Zlata Solnyshko
Zlata - If I were to describe this dog in one word, it would be positive.
Ocharovanie Doma Romanovyh Zlata Solnyshko -
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This is an eternal puppy who is ready to play every minute of every day while being unbelievably affectionate. When she was brought from Crimea, a puppy of Ocharovanie Doma Romanovyh kennel, she was so small I was worried she would never grow up to meet the standard size. However, she did grow up. At full grown, she is 26 cm (10.2 in) in shoulder height with excellent physique. Playing with a ball is her favorite pastime. When she sees a ball in someone's hand, the whole world stops. She can play fetch forever– my hand will fall off sooner than Zlata would get tired and stop! She's the one who looks like an actual toy. A bit of mischief in her eyes and tender affection for the family. She loves everyone, open to any person. Zlata gave us beautiful puppies, to which several of them became champions.