Black Gold Bindini
Bindini is my favorite son from Trutti. He was born very strong and bony, his father (Kenny) gave him a superbly built body, and his mother (Trutti) a beautiful, pedigree head.
The owner of an incredibly thick mane, it takes me 2 times longer to dry him after bathing, his hair practically does not require styling products because it keeps the volume on its own. Bindini closed the title with 4 majors and it was a great pride for me. In 2020, he was awarded to be in the top 7 toy poodles in the NOHS category, the results and his photo were published in the Poodle varieties magazine and we became famous all over the country. I have never met a dog that loves its owner like he does. Bindini is my shadow, always keeping me in sight, always using the opportunity to get caresses and hugs. Even when everyone runs out into the street together from the house, he will wait for me and accompany me in every movement. By nature, a leader, a king and a thug- if he needs something, he will take it away without blinking an eye while maintaining a calm look. He is well aware of his physical strength and in every way does not aggressively demonstrate superiority over other dogs. The only male he respects is his father.