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Dancing Line Naomi
Nana is a dog with fabulous movements.
CH Dancing Line Naomi -
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She was born in the Dancing Line kennel and lives up to that name by 100%. Her movements are very specific and artistic. In the ring, she would turn into a circus horse who is very proud of her noble ancestry. Her trot is unforgettable – light and dancing, as if she's weightless. A neck set high and a noble head with curious eyes – it's all about her. There are representatives of the leading European kennels, world champions and international champions in her line. A dog with a lion's heart, ready to defend her owner and her house, who doesn't realize her size and believes she can take on an elephant. She's very brave, always the first one to greet you at the door and to check if this is a family member. She's a babysitter for all the puppies, never tired of raising and socializing them, not caring if they are hers or somebody else's. Always ready to frolic and play their silly games with them. Nana will justifiably scold an offender by pulling on their tail or approve of initiative with a ringing bark. She loves to be held and tries not to move in order to not spoil the moment. She likes to observe and is always ready for explorations and new adventures. My little brown panther.