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Ricky- This is our star and we are very happy that he appeared in our kennel.
Descendant of many champions and very famous dogs around the World that collected successful pedigree lines, he is an unusually beautiful male with a very nice head, excellent anatomy, movements and at the same time small in size. He will be perfect for the bitches in our kennel as he is very similar in type, but his temperament is even more stable and this makes him a wonderful quality to breed. He took the title in just 2 weekends which is an absolute record for me! The judges always complimented us and noted that he was one of the best representatives of the Toys that they had ever seen. Ricky is loving and independent, he is rather restrained in expressing emotions, but at the same time he always strives to be near me and catches my every movement with his eyes, trying to get a portion of affection and attention. An individualist with a high opinion of himself, he clearly has the soul of a royal poodle!