Hestebakkens Lemon Rose
Lemon is the one dog that I looked for forever. My friend helped me out when she saw a photo of him in her FaceBook feed, to which I contacted the owner immediately after.
Lemon has a very interesting ancestry, beautiful dogs in his pedigree and an extraordinary, unique face. I fell in love at first sight. This boy grew out of the toy category and turned out to be a small miniature poodle. For that reason, we didn't take him to shows, but we got two wonderful litters with two champions from him. Lemon is very possessive. He chose two people in the family and gave them his heart. At the same time, if he dislikes someone, it's forever and nothing can change that. He always yearns for contact, sometimes becoming excessively affectionate. He has beautiful dark almond eyes. My opinion about loyalty depending on the dog's gender has been changed forever. It is the case of the most powerful display of love and emotions, one to which female dogs aren't capable of. He never misses a chance to lay on my legs, even if it’s just on my feet, no matter whether I'm sitting or standing. He starts guarding and being jealous of everyone and everything around. If he settles on the lap, no other dog will be able to approach as he will not share or give up his spot. He's an incredibly smart and wise dog. During games he shows ingenuity and makes his own individual decisions. He is very observant and patient as well. He would be perfect for dog sports and agility competitions. Dogs of this type love different tasks and learning new skills.

His puppies inherited not only his great exterior but also his intellectual abilities– all owners of his offspring note their high aptitude for learning and love of contact.