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Try Black Gold
Trutti is a black toy poodle, my first and favorite dog, as well as the founder of my kennel and breeding program.
GCH CH Try Blaсk Gold
Top Producer
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Her pedigree includes some legendary dogs from Cherno-Beloe Kino kennel, Baliwick and others who were multiple winners in different shows and rings, with proper anatomy and high intelligence.
She's a strong, well-built female who is an alpha in her dog family. Good-tempered with an occasional childlike playfulness, she understands boundaries and reads people well. When you look into her thoughtful eyes, it feels like it's impossible to hide your thoughts from her. She's a one person dog, but all others are treated like family and share her affection. Trutti loves car rides– every time I'm getting ready to go somewhere, I catch her looking at me with the question in her eyes, aren't you forgetting to take me with you? She likes looking out of the window, guarding the car, or just sleeping on the soft car seat while accompanying me everywhere. Together we have visited several national parks, lakes, and oceans. She's my darling, and I'm in her heart. Our tandem developed fast and was successful. In the ring, she transforms into a star and gives 100% of herself to the presentation to try and make me happy. I loved the dog shows where she participated. The judges gave us a lot of compliments and we won GCH CH AKC titles. Now, she's a top producer and I'm immensely proud of her and her offspring who continue moving down the path to show success, as well as bring joy to their owners.