Black Gold Dynasty
Jazz is a small copy of Trutti. Sometimes, I can't believe that nature is capable of such miracles
She is affectionate and bouncy, catching the eye and craving attention ever so often. She is quite shy and doesn't like big companies, feeling best inside the family. Jess turned out to be a wonderful mother who mastered birth and nurturing on her own. She doesn't need help which is surprising because modern toy poodles often have hard deliveries. Two fantastic lines are intertwined in her pedigree – European and American. Her father is from an old and famous Baliwick kennel. For this mating we traveled almost 1500 kilometers (930 miles) and the result was worth it. Jess is a size reducer. Her puppies are small with a wonderful build falling under the AKC standard. Also, being a black dog, she gives birth to brown puppies from black and brown lines which is also a nice surprise.