Black Gold His Eternity
Yeti is a shy, gentle mama's boy. He's ready to move mountains as long as his mom is happy.
Always looks you in the eyes, always looking for an excuse to come closer or draw your attention, executing such in the most careful and unobtrusive way about it, like a feather touch. He's my shadow and my inspiration. He is also the first of my dogs to win BISNOHS. Yeti moves with incredible grace, especially in the ring, trying to make me happy. It's as if he understands that everybody is looking at him and he has to look like a million bucks. His father is one of the US top producers, a very handsome and temperamental male. A lot of his puppies have had a show career. This is one of the best examples of American breeding, with a black and brown line that is quite rare here, which is why we plan on continuing with Yeti's show career and getting more titles.