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Kenny is my smallest toy poodle.
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When I came to the USA and started my show career, I noticed right off the bat the specific type of American toy poodle. I really liked their body frame, especially the topline – level as if drawn with a ruler. European dogs often have a longer back and loin, so their frame looks more stretched out. Most American dogs have their tail set high and a collected, strong frame. Of course I wanted a dog like that, a true representative of the American Kennel Club. I bought Kenny when he was two years old and had already won the AKC champion title. My first test for him was a run that I recorded to evaluate his movements, to which I wasn't disappointed. He has soft, dancing moves, a beautiful front line and incredible friendliness. Later on we won the Grand Champion title speedily and he became the father of our first US-born puppies. When it comes to personality, Kenny loves to show off. He will never try to draw your attention forcefully, by either jumping at you or being pushy, instead he would find something like a leaf, a toy, or a small rock, take it into his mouth and start wagging his tail and waving his head while making grunting noises. That's how he shows he has something and how he invites you to play and have a look at his find. It's adorable! And of course, he always gets the praise and the feedback. Kenny is a producer that gave us several champions. My wishes came true because he passes his frame and movements down to his offspring. With a proper and thought-out combination, we got beautiful pedigree puppies with excellent temperament.