Black Gold Lady Lux
Our charming young female, possessing a strong constitution with a magnificent dark black hair pigment (crow's wing)
A crazy energizer that needs to run all the time; it's a good thing that we have a huge open area where dogs can run freely and play! Lexy uses such opportunities to the fullest. She started off as an active and outgoing member of the pack, knowing how to motivate dogs to play and run around. It's very pleasant and fun to watch these chasers, despite the fact that only a few dogs manage to catch up with her in the end and only when she gets tired. This is a “endlessly hovering over the ground” poodle :) she lacks wings, otherwise she would definitely fly up to the clouds :) Lexy comes up with different ways to attract attention. For example, she starts to gently bite my legs from behind when I walk with her, as if flirting and inviting me to run around. Also, she is endlessly happy with active games with a ball and various objects for fetching :) We are starting her show career and we hope that she will delight us many times with a show in the ring and with amazing results.